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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

...Turn, turn, turn.




Not a huge fan of bromeliads but this one I found in the nursery this week is so wild I had to have it. Green & dark, almost black, striped leaves with a flat bright red bloom that resembles a feather it looks like something Katherine Hepburn would have grown in “Suddenly Last Summer”

Sadly the end of hydrangea season is now upon us. I’ve just loved having these around all summer. Even this past weekend I did a centerpiece from a “Venice” hydrangea I’d been growing. I love its celery & dark purple colored blooms.

I cannot believe it but I still have slugs in my garden! Last night I pulled 6 of those bastards off of my potted plants Yes that’s down from my high of 24 but still it’s very late in the season to still be dealing with them. I’m still using the “BEER” trick” But I think I’m just using the slugs as an excuse to justify my drinking!

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