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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Riddance


Actor(??) STEPHEN BALDWIN says that if BARACK OBAMA is elected President, he will leave the country. Now I know it's difficult to keep all the Baldwin Boys straight....with the exception of the very talented ALEC. But the last feature film I remember this particular Baldwin doing had to do with a boy, girl, boy THREE WAY and that was called (wait for it...) THREESOME. Oh, yea & then little Stevie found Jesus but I do not know if these 2 events were related in some way. He could have seen how awfulthe film was & had an urgent need to repent. Where will he move? France?? If he's looking for some God-based theocracy; I'm sure one of those fundementalist "stan" countries would be happy to have him. That turban thing might be a deal breaker though.


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