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Thursday, June 26, 2008



So now that ANNE BOLEYN is out of her head on THE TUDORS…WHAT does TheGayGardener watch??? You ask.
SWINGTOWN!!!!!!!!! This CBS show is really, really good!
The whole “swingers” thing has been done & done again, I know
What was that SIGOURNWEY WEAVER film with the keys in the bowl?
ICE PALACE or somesuch??? I forget.

This show seems real. And because it is real, it is so much sexier!
The acting is very, very good! MOLLY PARKER as Susan is always suprising. Susan’s husband is the British HOTTIE, JACK DAVENPORT. MIRIAM SHOR as JANET is such a hoot as the straight-laced, judgmental “MRS KRAVITZ” neighbor is hilarious; always in her PLAID blouses with overalls! Not content to play the clothes, Ms. Shor brings a palpable vulnerability to her Janet. GRANT (MELROSE PLACE) SHOW is a hot, sexy, funny, ROCK HUDSON for this millennium, with his 70’s porn star stache. And I adore Janet’s geeky-but-oh-so-sexy-hubby; Roger, as played by JOSH HOPKINS.

But the absolute REVELATION is LANA PARILLA as TRINA. I first fell in love with her in that lottery- based show, WINDFALLL. Only me & Mrs. Parilla (Lana’s mom) probably watched it, but it was so, so, good! Plus (on the show) Parilla got to be married to LUKE PERRY AND have an affair with JASON GEDRICK, mmmmmmmm.
Lana is so sexy…face, body & especially VOICE, that this little gay boy who hasn’t KNOWN a woman (in the Biblical sense) in nearly 20 years is MAD for her. Every sentence, every bit of business, reeks of sexuality. Plus she is a really, really good actress! Ms Parilla: If you ever (for business reasons ) of course; need a “beard” or escort or personal assistant, or better yet, a landscaper to work for cheap…I AM YOUR MAN! MARRY ME!!!!

I LOVE these people. It is not so much that I want to sleep with any of them, (but I wouldn’t refuse ANY of them) It is just that they are so real, so cool, that I desperately want to BE FRIENDS WITH ALL OF THEM,
I wish they lived on my street. I would never get anything done, but I still wish they were my neighbors


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