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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bride of The GayGardener



Yep this is exactly what my wife would wear if I were going to marry a woman. I don’t think its all that attractive but it sure did get a lot of publicity for SARAH JESSICA PARKER & her new SEX & THE CITY film. **Photo of London Premier courtesy of*** Sara is wearing a lovely green frock by Alexander McQueen & the aforementioned hat is a one-of-a-kind creation by the talented (if whimsical) Philip Treacy, who also did that feathery thing for Mrs. Parker Bowles when she wed Prince Charles. This little green garden number would cost over $5,000 if you could buy it.
The reviews for the film thus far are mixed but I cannot wait to see the girls & all that fabulous fashion again. (Maybe not the hat) Another reason I am looking forward to SATC is my dear friend, JULIE HALSTON is reprising her hysterical turn as “Bitsie Von Muffling” along with her “husband” NATHAN LANE. I bet it’s huge (But I did say the same thing about Speed Racer!)

Oh & Speed actor, EMILE HIRSCH must not be too happy with the film’s performance either. He fired his agent yesterday.

One couple that should send flowers to their agents are Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Natalie Dormer. THE TUDORS is giving them such a rare opportunity to show off their skills & talents on a weekly basis. The damn show keeps getting better. All these dream sequences foreshadowing doom. And Sunday night featured not one but 2 dance numbers! Forget The Sopranos…it’s DIRTY DANCING WITH THE ROYALS! There was that sexy savage number between Henry & Anne (followed by a raw & violent sex scene) & then the show ended with Anne (joyful with a new pregnancy) twirling round & round & round while her father laughed the devil’s laugh! Anne’s days are definitely numbered; she only reigned for 1,000. So this is likely her last pregnancy & I hear she’s only in for 3 more shows. Maybe she can haunt Henry from the grave in future episodes

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