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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Flower Power!

A big shout out to all my fellow Pennsylvanians who wrote to me regarding my comments & predictions on the PA Primary. It was so great hearing from all of you, especially those in my little hometown. And so sad to me that I was proved so right. (that’s “right” not “Wright”) Change is the one constant in life & it is never easy.

Thanks also to the many who have written inquiring about my back. I elected not to have the surgery. Mainly because they couldn’t do a “tummy-tuck” at the same time. I’m doing a whole “holistic” approach. And I have to say that the acupuncture is really working. It’s so “new agey” but what the hell, it’s cheaper & less painful.

Speaking of “new age” TRACY ULLMAN! Have you watched her new series STATE OF THE UNION?? It is something else.
It is not quite a comedy because it is just too damn spot on.
Almost uncomfortable to watch because Tracy is so accurate in all her portrayals and she really crosses a line in every show.
Her CAMPBELL BROWN is flawless. And her weekly mocking of LAURIE DAVID (flying around the globe alone in her private plane to protest global warming!!) is priceless. Along with her brilliant DINA LOHAN boozing it up while LINDSAY pays the bar bills is hysterical. Last Sunday night she took on, God help us, ANDY ROONEY. Rooney is a sacred cow if ever there was one. He hasn’t said, or done, or read, or wrote, anything of any relevance since the JOHNSON Administration. But her lampooning seemed based on his “shakiness” which is likely Parkinson’s; and not that funny. You may as well make fun of the Pope. But there is nobody quite like Ullman & you are simply compelled to watch.

You know how I adore hydrangea! These little “candy stripers” in moss filled pots, that I just did, are really pretty. I was looking for lilacs to accompany them; but all the lilacs have “gone to florists” who can command a big price for cut ones especially here in L.A. So I found these gorgeous “eastern snowball” trees that work perfectly. They are in the verbena family & are lush with long lasting blooms. They do not smell but sometimes fragrance needs to be sacrificed for beauty…it’s just like dating!

In a related topic…I do not usually plug florists. Hmmmm let me re-phrase that. I do not, as a habit; promote individual floral designers. But there’s a florist in L.A. that is simply divine. They do not know me, but I know them. In The Grove, a chic shopping plaza in Los Angeles, there is a private bank that has the most unusual flower arrangements every week. Upon investigation, I learned that the company responsible for them is called RENAISSANCE FLOWERS in Hollywood. Run! Don’t walk. I have never failed to be impressed by their work.
Just tonight I walked by the bank to see a low glass bowl about 2 inches high & 6 inches across (think of a “pie plate”) filled with orange ranuculas & green verbena. I mean, who does that?
And it as stunning!

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