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Thursday, April 10, 2008

On Target...

You guys know how much I love TARGET! So much style & great design for so little!

Check out this adorable "daisy" watering can made of reinforced felt. Place a smalll glass or jar inside & fill with flowers or a plant and you have a fabulous "hostess gift" Or use as party favors for a shower or garden party or gift bags for your v.i.p. event! 99 Cents!!! Such a bargain!

And how about these sweet little painted terra cotta flower pots filled with citronella candles (also under $1) Sure beats those ugly glass ones in that weird mesh netting or (God Forbid!) those heinous Bug Zappers!

AND... if you subscribe to VANITY FAIR (which I wouldn't blame you if you didn't it gets worse every month!***) TARGET has enclosed this adorable re-usable nylon shopping bag; doing their part for the environment

I know, I know, this whole post is like a commercial. Let's just say its's a "Dedicated" email.

*** But DO check out this month;s issue if only for the wonderful article on DORIS DAY plus some really really terrific photos of Doris, the original Little Miss Sunshine!

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