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Saturday, March 29, 2008




I am sooooo sick of the Presidential campaign already! We still have 8 months to go til the general election in November & it just seems as if this is like a bad movie that keeps going on an hour & a half longer than it should (to paraphrase BARACK OBAMA) I hope Pennsylvania ends this “death march” but I think it highly unlikely. I’m from PA & feel that Sen Clinton will do very, very well there & not for reasons to be particularly proud of but more on that later. I am growing so cynical (WHAT?? A Cynical GAY man, you ask???) that the lone thought I’ve had these past to weeks was:

“IF only we had sent the REV. WRIGHT into that “hail of sniper fire” at the Bosnian Airport, this whole damn thing would be over!”

But I jest...

ON a so much less cynical note…STAR Magazine is reporting that BRAD PITT & ANGELINA JOLIE TIED THE KNOT in NEW ORLEANS today, Saturday. I really hope this is true. Not only is Angie preggers with Brad’s TWINS, but damn it, (sorry Jen) this is the most perfect couple who ever lived & they just HAVE to stay together. When they are not trying to save AFRICA & rebuild New Orleans, they’re giving away PILES of $$$ & looking FLAWLESS all the while. Recent reports had them donating as much as $8 million dollars to various charities. It is in the best interest of the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE that these two generous & gorgeous souls stay together & keep breeding!! A while back BRAD (God love him) said that he & Angie would NEVER marry as long as the right to marriage excluded gay people. Well BP, it most states it still does, but hey we appreciate the support & we (if I may speak for the whole gay crowd..& I may) do NOT want you to delay ONE day of your own personal happiness in support of us. We’re going to GET THERE with your help…so you just go right ahead & marry that stunning woman & be happy! WHERE ARE YOU TWO REGISTERED???

There is a fascinating story in the LOS ANGELES TIMES this week about the high price of…SHOES! NO not KEDS OR CROCS, but ladies high fashion shoes to be exact. MONICA CORCORAN tells a very interesting tale of fashion, vanity & obsession in “Manolo Lovers Feel Financial Pain at the Pump” Pump….get it???
Anyway amidst little informational nuggets & lots of mind blowing quotes on prices of high end shoes (the ones above go for $1,345. But they’re the much desired, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN and at least he bothers to paint the inside of the heel & the under sole in a fabulous crimson which is his trademark. I guess this is particularly effective in Church when you can see the soles of the souls in front of you when we all kneel down to pray…otherwise how would anyone ever be able to tell? Is Church attendance up?) but I digresss…here’s the kicker:

Half way through the article (with great shoe photos by KIRK McCOY) we meet JOHN RUTENBERG a long time sales associate (now retired) at BARNEY’S. Mr. Rutenberg reveals the following tidbit:

"Danielle Steel spends $4 [million] to $5 million a year at Barneys on shoes for herself and her children," he says, adding that the Beverly Hills store "sells $22 million in footwear per year."

For the uninitiated, DANIELLE STEEL is one of the most successful & prolific writers of best sellers of all time! Truly! But $4- $5 MILLION on SHOES???????????????? Not to mention that ”the CHILDREN’ are at the very least in their mid 20’s! There are entire COUNTRIES (many!) that do not have a GNP of $5 Million a year! Most hard working families won’t make that figure during their lifetime of jobs. STEEL WORKS FROM HOME just how many pairs of shoes does this chick need?? I hate to sound like some sort of communist but Jesus! This is obscene! And if I do the math Danielle is responsible for ONE QUARTER of the Annnual Barney’s Shoe Budget!?!?! She makes IMELDA MARCOS look like an amateur!

Have a great Sunday!

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