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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Have you seen this video of JERRY O'CONNELL sending up the now infamous TOM CRUISE SCIENTOLOGY Video? It's hysterical. Now that "Crossing Jordan" has been cancelled (or HAS it?) Jerry should be doing comedies...he's really funny!

I have just returned from THE L.A. CITY OPERA's Production of Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde" Well actually that's not true, I left at intermission after an interminably long (1.5 hrs +) first act. Yea, I'm not that cultured, I guess, but this thing s.u.c.k.e.d. The sets (alledgedly three of them) were by the renowned artist, DAVID HOCKNEY. I love Hockney, but if you told me that the late KEITH HARRING had done them, I would believe you. But more to the point, you know why OPERA (with a capital O) never really translated to "the masses"? CASTING! I'm supposed to believe that some big 200+ lb. woman in a bad wig is the most desired woman on the planet & falls for some late-middle-aged guy (also in a really bad wig) who has the most annoying habit of spitting every time he hits the letter "T"!?!!?? In LOS ANGELES??? Plus I prefer my operas (as I prefer my food & my ITALIAN...not GERMAN)

I don't care if they found some $20 bill (with DRUG residue) near HEATH LEDGER's body...I still think it was an accident. Yes, the autopsy was "inconclusive" as all preliminary autopsies are but PLEASE show me a $20 bill in a large metroplitan area that DOESN'T have drug residue on it & I'll show you a counterfeit bill! I really don't think this young man would have wanted to leave his daughter that he loved.
Even more heartbreaking (to me) Did you know that JAKE GYLLENHAAL is little Matilda Ledger's Godfather? I didn't til today. Jake is reportedly devastated. Who could blame him?

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