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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

All She Wrote...

Well the tree is in the trash, so the New Year has officially begun. And as I heard PAMELA ANDERSON say: “2008 is gonna be great!” (such a poet that one)

You know that Beverly Hills terrace I was doing before Christmas? Came out lovely, client likes it blah, blah, blah. But there’s a problem with water “seepage” so no big deal I’ll just get some liner/trays. Guess what? Can’t find em. Round saucers? Like a billion of them! Rectangular trays? Nope. Let me know if you find any.

In my hunt today I return to one of the loveliest places in Los Angeles; ROLLING GREENS NURSERY
in Culver City. Beautiful plants, exquisite pots, garden décor etc. & a wonderful friendly staff. No trays. Cannot even custom order them. What to do?

Eureka! I remember a place I had been meaning to check out a little further down the street called INNER GARDENS Sounds like some heavenly zen sanctuary doesn’t it? In I walk & think I have died & gone to heaven! It’s the flea markets of Paris by way of New Orleans under one Los Angeles roof! I mean gorgeous! “I’m looking for some liner trays for some flower boxes.” I say to the sweet but unhappy looking hostage at the desk. “Sure, we have some, let me get a
salesperson for you.”
If I tell you that the woman who helped me was the most charmless, impatient, annoyed sales person I’ve encountered in Los Angeles, that would be a lie. Because she did not help me & had zero interest in helping me. I realize that any one can have a bad day. Maybe her lab results just got back. Maybe she moonlights at a suicide prevention hotline & had to put someone on hold to help me, who knows. I only know I won’t go back. Even if I have a big studio or T.V. budget! But if you like beautiful things for your garden & money is no object & customer service is meaningless to you, then by all means, you go!

I cannot wait to see the IOWA CAUCUS results tomorrow, can you?


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