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Monday, December 17, 2007

All I want For Christmas...

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Years ago, before she went all bat-shit crazy, MARIAH CAREY could sing. I mean really sing! Oh she can still belt out a tune but there was something almost dangerous about her voice years ago. That’s why I love hauling out my Christmas CDs & listening to MC’s “All I Want for Christmas (is You) I defy you to not “get happy” listening to this little number. Or let Mariah “take you to church” & clap along with “Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child” Say AMEN Somebody!

Another fave of mine is “Merry Christmas-The Supremes” The Original Supremes=Diana, Mary & Flo! Recorded in 1965 this Christmas collection has a lot of novelties. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Me” & “The Children’s Song” (ding-dong,ding-dong) which features background vocals by BERRY GORDY’s kids; Joy, Berry & Terry & Diana’s brother Chico (!) who are very encouraged by Diana’s saying:” Very good my darlings” in her best Mommie Dearest voice.
Still when Miz Ross sings: “because the angel that made my Christmas bright has gone away from me” I still get a little choked up.

I went to a terrific restaurant in Venice last night called AXE (ah-shay)
Nice wine list, wonderful food & a simple yet pretty room. Quite the star attraction as I saw BRADLEY COOPER (so hysterical on NIP/TUCK) & the lovely MARIA BELLO (surprisingly thin, but not scarily so)

I’ve been so busy working I’m spinning around like the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker… but happy & grateful thanks to all of you.

TheGayGardener Favorite Christmas Memory #4

Christmas 1993. Still with the ex living in the Hollywood Hills. Sam (my late Springer Spaniel) is 2 months old. I take him out for a little walk after midnight. A cold, clear & quiet night with a billion stars in the sky. I hear laughter coming from a Christmas party across the canyon. Then the sound of a guitar & applause. (damn! Another fun party I didn’t get invited to!) A strong & beautiful voice begins to soulfully sing “Silent Night” along with the guitar. Wait. I KNOW that voice…its MELISSA ETHERIDGE. I’d heard she lived up in the Hills near us (well, o.k. I actually read it in PEOPLE Magazine) I look down at Sam, then up into the endless sky & just listen. Beautiful. I’ll never forget it.

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