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Monday, November 19, 2007

Count Your Lucky Stars!

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So much to be grateful for…still.

Another thing I like to do at Thanksgiving:Take your random gravy boats, sugar bowels, tea pots, the chipped ones, the ones without lids, or even the ones you can pick up at any garage sale for $1 & use them for floral arrangements. With the smaller ceramic pieces you can even use them at each place setting & stick a place a card with the guest’s name written on it inside. Above are a vintage gravy boat & sugar bowel that I found at a thrift shop for $2. Stuffed with mums, eucalyptus, dried wheat & (my favorite!) Judy Garland roses! They look Autumnal & oh so pretty!

Sad but grateful at the end of my absolute favorite series” THE AMAZING MRS. PRITCHARD” on PBS’ “Masterpiece Theatre”.Sunday night was the last episode. Though I don’t see why they can’t pick it up again if they chose. It ended on a very ambivalent note. JANE HORROCKS is an unbelievable actress & the supporting cast is marvelous! This saga of the store-manager/housewife turned Prime Minister is so wonderfully written & truthfully acted, it makes one long for this not to be fiction but reality. Amazing indeed!

So for the seven of you who do not live in the shadow of THE GROVE as I do, let me inform you that the CHRISTMAS TREE is LIT!
About 12,000 people descended on The Fairfax District last night to watch the official opening of the Holiday shopping season at Hollywood’s favorite MALL! With such illustrious celebrity guests as The GOO GOO DOLLS & PATRICK WARBURTON (“Puddy” on the long-defunct SEINFELD series, as well as some little-watched CBS Sitcom) W.O.W.!! And congratulations to all of you who beat the usurious parking fees at the mall by parking on my street! No matter that we residents had to search for hours for places to park, you shoppers are more important!!!

And speaking of specious celebs… DONALD TRUMP has announced the new (God Help us!) stars of CELEBRITY APPRENTICE! OMAROSA (Christ!) “Big Pussy” from The Sopranos, STEPHEN BALDWIN (I think he’s the blonde one who did a 3-way movie & then found Jesus!) GENE SIMMONS form K.I.S.S. & everyone’s favorite TAXI babe, MARILU HENNER. TAXI was a hit sit-com in the 50’s, so I’ve read! No wonder The Donald was desperate to snag ROSIE O’DONNELL at least she’s worked in this decade!

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