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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas, Darling!

God! I love KAREN CARPENTER, don't you??

Anyway... Christmas cannot be 3 days away...I'M STILL DECORATING!!!
As many of you know, for the past 3 Christmases I've sat on SANTA'S Lap (well, he SAID his name was Santa!) & asked him for MY OWN SHOW And now one of Santa's heavenly elves, the producer, CYNTHIA HILL, created & directed a little YOUTUBE Pilot that I feel sure is interesting enough to warrant renewed interest in THEGAYGARDENER. Check it out! And Please be sure to send a link to all of your friends & have then RATE it too!!

TheGayGardener Favorite Christmas Memory #5

Christmas 1976. I've just turned 13 years old. I am crying to my Mother (Mrs. Trainer) that she does NOT really do the best job of wrapping presents. One roll of paper for 7 kids, those horrible "stick-on" star bows, no embellishments. Mrs. Trainer shrugs & heads for the coffee pot. How she didn't know then that I was gay is beyond me.
Fast Forward: Christmas 1977. Heading down the stairs towards the tree, I feel sure that she's "got it" this time, thanks to my little pep talk last year. I see 7 large dark green HEFTY LAWN & LEAF BAGS carelessly placed under the tree. Stunned & horrified, I approach. It is then I notice that upon each bag is placed a torn strip of "masking tape" with each child's name hastily written in blue ball point pen. I turn to her with a desperate look in my eyes. "Nothing I ever do is good enough for you what does it matter?" Remember, I told you that the in the National Psychiatry Index there is a photo of my Mother under PASSIVE AGRESSIVE? Or, as I like to say; she put the ASS in PASSive Agressive. The trash bags only lasted 2 years til the birth of the GIFT CARD, I am grateful to say. Maybe I sound ungrateful. But to this very day, I would rather have a beautifully wrapped, but cheap present, than some really expensive bauble. It's not the's the WRAPPING that counts!! Hence my reason for living in Los Angeles!

Merry Christmas my dear TheGayGardener friends! See you on YOUTUBE!
Melikelele Maka! (I think that's HAWAIIAN for Merry Christmas or maybe a new line of Shoes!!)

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