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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Is it Really Over?

God I can't believe the holidays are really over.
"Seems we just get started & before you know it, comes the time we have to say so long!" as CAROL BURNETT used to sing.Anyway...good to be back. I really had the most marvelous Holiday Season. My birthday is December 19th (yea, thanks) & I celebrated here in TheGayGardener's Gay Garden with 20 of my closest friends for much fun! And for Christmas we had 20 for dinner at a gorgeous house in the Hollywood Hills(decorations by TGG were a bit "nail salonish" but it was very last minute) Sheer perfection! Plus a suprise visit by BUDDY THE ELF (who does look a bit forlorn in the photos but I blame that on too much cheap champagne!) who delighted one & all with more gifts than we could carry. I received so many terrific gifts (including an amazing original portrait of my beloved Sammy from my friends RAY G. & GESSIE G. (no relation) It IS a Wonderful life!
Hope you all had a lovely holiday as well!

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