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Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Spring Ahead, Fall Back" (& my back!)



I love daylight’s savings time don’t you? Although they moved it up a month earlier this year, as if everything wasn’t confusing enough… but it’s a gift so I’ll say thank you!

I will say NO thank you to whomever decided this was a good time for me to totally wrench my back. I wish I could tell you I hurt myself doing something naughty or even gardening but alas, I cannot. I woke up Friday very stiff (no, not like THAT) with pain searing down my leg & it only got worse. Happily most of my friends are on some kind of medication or another so I was able to get some pain meds but I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste the money I’ve been saving for a “touch-up” (read: brow lift) on some stupid back surgery or traction or some-such torture. I do believe in the mind-body connection & I’m going to heal myself,,,so there! While I was bending down picking up something off the floor yesterday I was reminded of an old Reader’s Digest “Quotable Quote” that had the aging author bending down to retrieve something & asking themselves if “there was anything else they needed while they were down there?” Yea, the Reader’s Digest was never funny.

Isn’t this a nice picture of “Beethoven & the Potato Vine? (that sounds like a Tim Allen & Martin Lawrence film, huh? With all the rain we have had everything in my garden is just about to Pop!

And really I don’t think there’s anything more perfect than a hydrangea. Or “snowballs” as my Grandmother would say. This beauty is $6 at Trader Joes’s, can you beat that? Throw it in an old champagne bucket & you got instant “class”

Speaking of class (or lack thereof): Congratulations to former Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro! In one news cycle she managed to rescue herself from the dust heap of history & Trvial Pursuit Championships just long enough to write her own political obituary.
Sad, just sad.


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