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Sunday, March 23, 2008

"And on the Third Day..."





Happy Easter! Or Buona Pasqua as my dear Italian friends say.
Did you have a nice one? I did! It was 95 degrees in the shade in Los Angeles today! How could I complain? At least I got to spend it with m Italian friends in Beverly Hills!

Got this idea from this month's Better Homes & Gardens: Take a bunch of empty bottles (water, soda, olive oil etc.)
And place a single fern stem in each. Gather as a group & you have a long-lasting (& cheap) centerpiece!

You want to know what is wrong with this country? Besides the obvious? I’ll tell you. I’m at the chic Los Angeles shopping center, THE GROVE on Friday….Good Friday. I see a lovely All American family walking towards me. The one adorable son is leading his daddy by the hand pointing at a shop window, when I hear the following exchange:

FATHER: Well no honey, that’s GREEN…BUT if you want to CALL it ORANGE…that’s O.K. too!

Uhhhhh…well, NO DADDY That’s NOT O.K. Green is Green & Orange is Orange, but as long as you are too timid to correct your child, the entire world will have to deal with an adult who does not know the difference between Black & White but think’s whatever choice or decision he makes is the best one…THANKS TO YOU ( IDIOT) DADDY!!


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