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Sunday, March 30, 2008

"...and miles to go before we sleep"


Rest in Peace
Robert “Michael” Jeter
August 26, 1952 – March 30, 2003

The photo above (courtesy of Allen Light) shows Michael arriving at the 1992 Emmy Awards. That was the year he won for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. The handsome gentleman in the sunglasses to the right of Michael is…moi! (at 28!!!!)

I was never quite sure what to do, or how to behave on the “red carpet” with Michael. That year I had decided, in my actorly way, to
play “security” I would act the role of Michael’s bodyguard in those pre-out days. I knew I was successful when his dear Tennessee friend, LIBBY, called the next morning & said” “I saw y’all on the red carpet. And I don’t know quite what the hell Charlie was doing, but he looked ready to take the bullet for you!” Triumph!

Miss you goonboy….


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