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Monday, April 07, 2008

"Stirred, not Shaken!"


did you all see this ad & the resulting bru-ha-ha?

ABSOLUT vodka ran this ad only in Mexico, showing a pre Mexican American War map that has the whole Amercian Southwest as part of Mexico (which it WAS at one time but the Mexcicnas called it Baja California) The U.S. took it from Mexico, Mexico took it from the Spanish, the Spanish took it from the Native Americans who are now getting their revenge by putting up hundreds of Casinos throughout the area!!! (hee-hee)

ABSOLUT has actually given much to art & to culture (not to mention A.A.) & they were at the forefront of the corporate fight against AIDS, so I'm going to give them a pass. They've apologized & pulled the ad. This won't likely be enough for some of the more hateful denizens of the web who've been screaming for a boycott, but nothing is ever usually enough for these types.


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