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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Judy Garland & Liberace? Si! Si!

Many of you have written to inquire about my JUDY GARLAND rose bush....well here's the first bloom of the season. " A Star is Born"

You all know how I love Craigslist. I've bought, I've sold, I've hooked up (just kidding!) Sometimes for fun I check out the jobs available. In Los Angeles there are so many unbelievably crappy jobs with impossible requirements that pay nothing. Literally nothing. Oh you'll get a "tape" a "reel" "experience" the "chance to network" but cash? Nope! These are usually jobs in show business. Here's a fun one I fond this week! I love the irony that the professional organizer needs an organizer!:


Available ASAP: Part-time independent contractor Personal Assistant opportunity working with very busy CEO of professional organizing company in the Sherman Oaks/Van Nuys area.
About this position:
On-the-job training.
Personal errands including (but not limited to) car maintenance, food/beverage necessary for meeting preparation, retrieving mail, sorting bills, grocery shopping, shopping for office staff and professional organizer staff needs.
Light house cleaning.
Working with and reporting to CEO and Director of Operations on general, day-to-day office tasks.
Coordinating CEO‚s personal calendar with the company business calendar (which is maintained by the Director of Operations).
General office duties.
Responsible for checking CEO‚s voicemail on cell phone, and typing contents of each voicemail twice daily.
Responsible for an end-of-day re-cap of completed and pending tasks.\
Job Requirements:
Must have a minimum three (3)-years experience as a Personal Assistant.
Must be a quick-learner.
Must be willing to use a Blackberry (provided by company) in addition to the use of personal cell phone.
Must have a reliable, functional vehicle that is kept clean at all times.
Must be a stickler for punctuality, organization and tidiness.
Must be able to RESPONSIBLY multi-task (i.e. juggle many balls without dropping any of them).
Must be able to anticipate the needs of CEO.
Must take and follow direction accurately and well.
Must be willing and able to be in communication at all times if/when encountering difficulties completing tasks.
Must be proficient at Microsoft Office (preferably the newer version ˆ 2007).
Must be a master at prioritizing, and knowing the difference between what is urgent and what is an emergency (they‚re not the same).
Must be a master of discretion, and must be prepared to interact with sensitive and confidential materials.
Must function with a high level of integrity, accountability and efficiency.
How to apply for this position:
1. If you meet ALL of the above criteria (please do not apply if you don‚t), please type ˆ in the BODY of an email ˆ 300 words (or less) describing why you think you are a perfect candidate for this position. Email address is
2. At the end of your email, type your name in all CAPS, followed by your contact phone number.
3. Attach your resume as a PDF file (only PDF files, please).
Thank you and good luck!

Location: West LA
Compensation: $15/hr.
This is a part-time job.

When I lived in New York, the ex & I used to love to watch something called EL SHOW DE WALTER. Our Spanish was limited so the nearest thing we could deduce was that this was a sort of Mexican LIBERACE. So imagine my shock(some years later) when today I check out TMZ & there he (she?) is. WALTER! Looking not a day older & certainly not more subdued

Do You Know Who This Person Is?
Posted Apr 17th 2008 6:16PM by TMZ Staff
It's not Barbara Walters, designer Carolina Herrera or some Park Avenue society matron, but Spanish language television's resident flamboyant astrologer -- Walter Mercado! That's right, es un hombre! What's your, er, sign?!

The 76-year-old Puerto Rican sensation -- who is loved by every Hispanic grandmother from New York to L.A. for his horoscopes & flawess makeup -- is currently appearing on VH1's camptastic telenovela reality show, "¡Viva Hollywood!" Oh my stars!

Bobby Trendy, meet your long lost, lip-glossed Latin abuelita!

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