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Friday, May 09, 2008


Want to make God laugh? Plant a garden! Particularly in Los Angeles.
The intense weather fluctuations make it very challenging. We’ve had weekends with temps almost 100 degrees already (in which I lost 3 hydrangeas) & now we’ve settled nicely into “May Gray” which describes the dreary days where the sun never shines & which of course proceeds “June Gloom” No wonder people start to invest in fake plants & flowers.
The artificial succulent planter above isn’t bad; but in L.A. spotting the fakes is a parlor game that we all play & are exceedingly good at.

But then Mother Nature shows up & shows us up with the splendor of the jacaranda. God I love these trees! They only bloom for about a month; mid April to mid May. But wow! What a show!

And speaking of shows…THE TUDORS just keeps getting better doesn’t it? That Jonathan Rhys Meyers is such a show-off. That naked butt-in-the-moonlight scene went on for what? 20 minutes? He IS really good though. And now that ANNE BOLEYN (Natalie Dormer) is a few episodes away from losing her head; I am just starting to like her; or at least pity her. And her clothes are smashing! And Blessed Mother of God! That HENRY CAVILL just gets more impossibly handsome every week. I miss JEREMY NORTHAM though. His last scene was so wonderfully underplayed. What a pro! It’s perfect that this show is on on Sunday nights because it really is THE SOPRANOS for history buffs.

Not so great apparently is SPEED RACER. I was way wrong on that one.
I even got the opening date wrong. The reviews are awful & the box office will likely be anemic too. I guess I just stick to my decades old “cartoon crush”

Remember when I told you about what I thought was a lovely children’s book called “AND TANGO MAKES THREE” The TRUE story of two male penguins (Roy & Silo) who bond & form a pair & nurture a little egg that hatches into a little penguin called Tango? Well a whole bunch of folks (read: bigots) don’t share my high opinion of the book. It ranks high on the list of The American Library Association of “Most Challenged Books of 2006” I think the opponents of such a sweet & true story are really the “most (mentally) challenged” and should just stick their heads in the ice again & shut up.

Congratulations to:
Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds on their recent engagement.
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon on their recent nuptials
And Barack Obama on his being the presumptive Democratic nominee for President.

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