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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey Mickey!

Remember that scene in that stupidly titled but great film TRUE CONFESSIONS, the one where DUVALL & DENIRO play brothers one a cop & one a priest? The brilliant CHARLES DURNING steps into the confessional (One of the sins he needs to atone for is murder) and says,"Bless me Father for I have sinned; it's been 20 years since my last confession...I've been busy!!!" Well, that's me. Sorry I have not been keeping you all up.

But I did want to share this one little slice of L.A. life that happened this evening:

I'm at WHOLE FOODS after work, just like the other 10 million people in Los Angeles. In the 10 items or less line.
The lady on front of me is, naturally, on her cell phone. Leaving a message for someone. "Call me on my other line. Not my cell. The number is 323-93..." Stops dead. Quick look at me & she leaves the line to go over to a corner to, I assume, complete her phone number on the message. I'm slightly annoyed. thinking who the hell do you think you are bitch? Like I'm going to overhear & memorize your number & then start calling you & stalking you. And clearly privacy is really not a priority for you, or you wouldn't be talking on your cell phone in line at that grocery store!

She returns to the line. I give her the once over from behind. Odd outfit. See-through white blouse over a black bra/camisole.
Loose fitting black pants. Black socks & some sort of flip-flops like she's understudying the lead in MADAME BUTTERFLY.
she's swiping her credit card & I get a good look at her face. 60 if she's a day. A LOT OF WORK. But pretty good. Tight but not overly "pulled" Pale skin so translucent, I know at a glance's a huge ANN RICE fan. Makeup "artfully applied"
as they say. I pay for my things & see her outside again in the parking lot.

"Who IS She?" "Who WAS she?" "Who does she HOPE to be?" goes one of my favorite lines from THE BOYS IN THE BAND
then it hits me because I start singing (mercifully to myself) "Oh Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind... hey Mickey!" Yep! It was TONI BASIL. One hit wonder form, oh hell, I don't know, 1977? But she is kind of immortal. Because 30 years later some gay guy like me can sing all the lyrics to her one song & even say" "Hey Toni!" "I had that song on a 45!!"
"And I'd never stalk you!" Oh sure I wish I HAD heard your phone number but only because I want the name of your plastic

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At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charlie,Love the blog. -erin from iowa


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