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Wednesday, July 23, 2008



Remember seeing that exclamation in comic books? I think it was a polite way to say “Oh my God!” It was still silly & only could be found in a cartoon world. Now we just text: OMG

Speaking of cartoons, I just saw THE DARK KNIGHT & yes Heath is everything they say & more. More I guess because you feel so much sadness rather than joy at his performance; knowing it’s his last. And let me just say that AARON ECKHART (Harvey Dent) is like a cartoon of HANDSOME. His face should be next to the definition of handsome in the dictionary! A jaw line that could cut glass AND a CLEFT CHIN!! Terrific hair, a great voice & oh, yea he can act too, the bastard.

Speaking of the Batman, I’m sure you have heard about CHRISTIAN BALE’s recent troubles where his mother & sister accused him of assault. He was questioned by the police. But the British bobbies were so polite they waited til after The Dark Knight premiere to question the actor! I don’t know exactly what happened but I did learn a few things about Mr Bale while reading up on this story:
• He was plucked from obscurity in Wales to star in Steven Speilberg’s EMPIRE OF THE SUN at age 13 in 1987. (this I knew but many folks don’t)
• His mother was a CIRCUS Performer & a dancer
• His grandfather was a ventriloquist & a stand-up comic
• His late father was a pilot and after moving to the U.S. became a famous environmentalist. And after getting divorced from Christian’s mother; married the feminist icon, GLORIA STEINEM
• His lovely wife, “SIBI” was once a personal assistant to WINONA RYDER

Jesus! You could make a TRIVIAL PURSUIT: THE CHRISTIAN BALE EDITION out of all this stuff!

I love low centerpieces don’t you? The big tall ones just inhibit conversation at the table. I quickly made the above one with some faded hydrangea & roses for a little diner I gave last week. So easy.

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