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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

News Blackout



If a scandal happens in Beverly Hills, does it make a sound?

Not if it happens to a popular Democrat it would seem. Now I DO hate this story & I dearly hope it is not true. But what stinks to high heaven is that if this had been a Republican it would have stopped the presses a’la LARRY CRAIG.

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER (yea I know, but they pay for their stories & are usually accurate & are more reliable than CBS & Katie Couric these days. SEE ALSO: COURIC/McCAIN/GAFFE COVER UP) is reporting that former Presidential Candidate, SEN. JOHN EDWARDS had an overnight visit with a woman alleged to be his mistress & the mother of his child at THE BEVERLY HILTON. The Enquirer first broke the story of the love child in November while the campaign was in full swing. And it of course was denied. And no one really believed it. Then a weird thing happened. An Edward’s campaign aide named ANDREW YOUNG (no! not the famed civil rights activist) issued a statement that he was the father of the child, despite he himself being the married father of three.

Fast forward to this past Monday evening. The Enquirer is tipped off that Sen. Edwards was in town & visiting a female friend at The Beverly Hilton. The “friend”? A woman named RIELLE HUNTER the very same lady mentioned in the November story. The reporters confront Edwards as he’s exiting a back staircase, & allegedly the Senator ran back into the stairwell & HID in the MENSROOM for 15 minutes!! You can check out the actual story on the N.E. website. The above photo shows the Senator & his friend. Is it just me or does she look like some harried British comedy actress caught unawares coming out of SELFRIDGES?

MATT DRUDGE at thedrudgereport is all over this story. And he was the one who broke “Monica & The Blue Dress” story that impeached a President. Draw you own conclusions. If it is true then it really sucks. Not least because the Senator’s wife of over 30 years, Elizabeth is battling cancer & doesn’t need this crap. Which is really the only reason I can see for the deafening silence regarding this story. And if it is true then Edwards just needs to come clean & we can all thank God that Edwards is not the Democratic nominee for President.

Something I am NOT thankful for & on my personal top 10 reasons to kill myself:

I’m riding my bike home last evening. They were taping DANCING WITH THE AMERICAN IDOL STARS or something down the street at CBS. The taping was over & the studio audience was returning to their cars. I pass a small group of young girls about 16 or 17 years old. One of them points & yells: “LOOK! IT’S DAVID HASSELHOFF” I turn around & see no one. I am alone in the middle of the street. With a sudden horror I realize SHE MEANS ME!!! I couldn’t peddle fast enough to get home. O.k. THE HOFF is still a good looking man. And I only wish I had his body. But damn it. I was in 4th grade & watching him play “Snapper” on "The Young & The Restless" years before his BAYWATCH fame. So I think it safe to say that he is a few summers older than me!! Although our livers are probably the same age. I’m sure that young lady’s heart was in the right place even if her eyes need some corrective procedure

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