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Wednesday, July 30, 2008



Shocked! I’m shocked I tell you! That after that false alarm regarding salmonella in tomatoes that it actually turned out to be salmonella in Mexican grown jalapenos. They just found another poisonous pepper today! I mean really, food grown in MEXICO can make you sick? I had NO idea! No gracias!

Thanks to everyone who called & texted (?) & emailed regarding my well being after yesterday’s EARTHQUAKE. And to the more than one of you who inquired as to whether that was a photo of my BATHROOM after the quake I say: “hardy-har-har!” I’m an (almost) middle-aged gay man but that doesn’t make me fuc**** ESTEE LAUDER! Photo was some drug store in West L.A.

Can I enlist all of you my dear friends, in a simple but critical quest? Because if I hear this phrase (or worse, READ IT!) once more, there will be bloodshed!

The phrase is: “I COULD CARE LESS!”
Translated this means that, in fact, You DO care. Perhaps deeply. But you care enough that we can measure it in degrees. You COULD care MORE , but you could also care LESS.

If you have “bottomed-out” (so to speak) in your level of caring, if something or someone really has no effect on you, then it is correct (& necessary) to say: “I COULDN’T CARE LESS. I care so little that it is impossible for me to care any less!

Look, I had NUNS for 12 years in Catholic School, I know I’m screwed up. But this kind of “intellectual laziness” would drive the late Sr. Pauline Marie I.H.M. insane!

O.k. this photo isn’t that great but can I tell you how much I love POTATO VINES? Maybe because I’m Irish but these lowly little guys are fabulous! They grow fast. They can take intense sun & some “neglect” They stay green year round. And their little white star shaped flowers with yellow centers are just plain sweet. No, they do not have a fragrance, but they are such stalwarts in the garden that’s a small price to pay. They do as well in containers as they do in the ground. If you need an inexpensive, quick-growing, vine to cover a wall or hide something, I can think of nothing better!

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