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Thursday, August 21, 2008


I live on a busy corner in Los Angeles. I have a small OBAMA ’08 sign in the front window. And a larger & much coveted OBAMA “HOPE” sign in the side window on the busier street.

When not on a gardening job, I spend much of my time working from home. A great source of amusement for me has been to listen to the reaction of various passers-by, to the signage. The following are samples from snippets I have overheard as folks have reacted to my windows:

“Oh My God! Dude! I’m in front of that amazing Obama “Hope” sign how fuc**** cool is that?”

“:HRUMPH” or something like; that spoken by an older woman & clearly a Hillary supporter.

“ohhhh, look at that! Yes sir, THAT is HOPE!” - an older woman with a Russian accent.

“Yea, well the guy who lives there is very nice, but obviously doesn’t know anything about politics!

“What is that place? Some kind of Obama Shrine?”

(Loud knock on the door) “Hi can you tell me where to get that Obama ”Hope” sign? I’ve looked on e-bay but they cost hundreds of dollars!” And this guy was so cute I almost just gave it to him.

“Look! Look! Obama!!!

“Does he REALLY think he can Win?”

(Another loud knock on the door) “Hi I saw your Obama signs & I go to Fairfax High School & have to take photographs of for my Politics class, would you mind posing with your signs?”

“Obama? They’re kidding, right?” (December 2007)

“well, yea, but at least he doesn’t have a LOVECHILD!”

“WOW!!!! Obama! Look at that!”

But the line of the year of course goes to my Mother, “Mrs. Trainer” who said in the Spring: “Oh,honey; I love you, But I’m not voting for the colored guy!”

God Bless you,Barack!

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