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Friday, August 08, 2008


BREAKING NEWS********************

ABC News is reporting that Sen John Edwards in an interview airing tonight, admits his extra-marital affair with producer Rielle Hunter. So far so good. Confession is good for the soul. But like most lying, cheating, two-timing men, he needs to “parse it out” & defend himself:

Edwards says he isn’t the father of the child, but admits he hasn’t taken a paternity test!!!????
Says he "didn't love her" (Jesus!)
States that he did not “pay off” Hunter but would look into seeing if one of his supporters did?????
Says the affair ended in 2006 & that his wife & family knew about it!!!

Seriously!! WTF? What the hell is he doing visiting the woman he had the affair with at The Beverly Hilton last month at midnight & playing with her baby?
Edwards campaign worker, Andrew Young, is on the record saying he’s the father. So Young & Edwards passed this woman around but Young is the one who knocked her up?
You can watch NIGHTLINE on ABC tonight for the whole interview. If you want to see a squirming politician who could have cost his party the Presidency; lie & re-lie & lie again, about lies previously told!

John Edwards makes BILL CLINTON look like WARD CLEEVER

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