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Friday, September 05, 2008


God !I hate to get all political on you all of a sudden (!!!) Or as my mistaken white-trash friends say: “all of THE sudden” but seriously…

My friend, J, Harvey, has the funniest blog ever called: “A Socialite’s Life” this dude is hysterical!! I ONLY WISH I could write like him! Like a lot of gossipy/gay blogs he has a thing or two to say about the Republican nominee for Vice President: SANDRA BULLOCK err, I mean SARAH PALIN. He was the first to point out that instead of a a wedding ring, the hot mess/fiancé of BRISTOL PALIN (and her babby daddy) LEVI JOHNSTON had the name “BRISTOL” tattooed on his ring finger!!! See Photo!

J. Harbey sums it all up by saying: “Levi flew to Minnesota to accompany Bristol at Day 3 of the Republican Nation Convention on Wednesday and was "warmly greeted" by John McCain. For real? He's against gay marriage but teenage Alaskan rednecks who get their fingers tattooed with each other's names should totally marry and breed? I quit.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject. I LOVE how the Christian Right is always making fun of the names “HOLLYWOOD STARS” choose for their children (APPLE, MOSES, LEON, PAX, SURI, ZUMA ETC) But how about this Palin chick? I mean, her kids are called: TRACK & FIELD, & TRIG & ALGEBRA or GEOMETRY, or somesuch & NO ONE says a WORD!!!

I do realize that this election is LOST for the Democrats though! My best friend from PA tells me his Mother was watching the RNC & felt moved by the fact that CINDY McCAIN & LAURA BUSH were very “lady-like” in their skirts (uhh yeah to the tune of almost $500,000 thank you OSCAR DE LA RENTA!!!) while MICHELLE OBAMA? “I just don’t trust her” Hmmmm Michelle wore nothing but beautiful skirts & dresses during the entire DNC but yea! You know what? SHE’S BLACK!!!! End of story I guess!


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