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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

T-Minus 16 Days & Counting!

Nope, not talking about the Presidential Election which also is less than 20 days away (Thank God!)
I’m talking about HALLOWEEN, also known as the GAY CHRISTMAS!! Why? I’m not sure. I do know that most major cosmopolitan cities have some sort of Halloween parades or celebrations. And many gay people work as stylists or “costumers” And there is the whole Halloween thing about “Masks” but regardless, if you’re gay or gay friendly you just gotta love Halloween! October 31st is now SURPASSING CHRISTMAS in terms of monies spent on decorations, costumes, parties etc. etc. Can you believe it? I also think that because it’s not modernly a “Religious” celebration that that adds to its popularity!

Over the next few days, TheGayGardener would like to provide you with some cheap & easy (!!!! Describes so many of us, no?) tips to having a fabulous HALLOWEEN!

First of all: CATS!!! And the most wonderful loving intelligent cat I know is my MAX! Isn’t he adorable? A cliché, I know, the gay guy & his cat. But Max is something else! He literally follows the sun around our house in order to capture the optimal light, should I deign to take his picture. He is that desperate to be famous!! Sound like anybody you know???

If you’ve read this blog, you know my Halloween obsession with CANDY CORN! It costs like $3 for 25 lbs or something and it is the ultimate in cheap, edible décor. You can fill clear glass vases with it & shove a candle in there & have a marvelous candleabra. But TheGayGardener prefers to paint terra-cotta pots in “candy corn” colors” and use them around the garden! The photo shows a standard medium pot but those taller, thinner, pots used for herbs actually work better!

Many Craft & décor magazines show “scary Halloween” look by placing old black & white photographs in frames. I’ve done them one better & you can too by taking cheap black frames & using black & white toile instead of old photos. This little tableaux costs less than $20 & makes a hell of a statement in a modern or vintage decor

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