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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, & my hometown, really did me proud last week! Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, SARAH PALIN, was roundly & loudly booed on center ice while opening the hockey game between the Philadelphia Flyers & The New York Rangers.
The Republican Owner of the Flyers said Plain’s appearance was not a political event but was meant to honor her for being America’s best known “Hockey Mom” (I just threw up in my mouth a little writing that) The boos finally gave way to some intermittent “pity” applause as I think people felt sorry for her two kids she brought with her, the littlest even dressed in a Flyer’s jersey.

Palin was greeted with protesters from the moment she arrived in Philadelphia. One demonstrator carried a sign that said, “Back To Alaska, They shouldn’t have asked ya!” THAT is so Philly, I LOVE IT.

You can watch the opening ceremony here. Note the Obama signs behind Palin as well

I have my own sad history with the Flyers. The year was 1973 & The Flyers had just won the Stanley Cup. The City of Philadelphia & the surrounding suburbs went crazy. All the boys in the neighborhood decided to honor the team by creating their own custom t-shirts using one of their white Fruit of The Loom undershirts & adoring them with the name of the favorite player & his number all done with black electrical tape. The Flyers’ colors were black, white & orange Well I may have loathed hockey, but designing sportswear was certainly something this little nine year old could get excited about! I neglected to recognize the importance of the “team” colors though. And in my practical, fastidious way, thought it better to use painter’s tape so as not to harm the white cotton of my t-shirt & naturally preferring the pretty royal blue of the painter’s tape over the boring black electrical one. I debuted my shirt last; and was met with such derisive laughter I can hear it today. Apparently that blue was the color of the New York Rangers, the very team that the Flyers had defeated to win the cup & had I watched a single game, I would have known that. Screw it. I’ll still take the fantasy of fashion over accuracy any day.

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