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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without!” that’s an old Depression era recipe for getting by in tough times. And as the scary events of the past week hint at another Depression, this is still good advice.

Think of how our grandparents were (and are) the original “recyclers” Whole drawers devoted to those clear plastic bags that fruit comes in. Shoe boxes full of “twist ties”, giant balls made from saved rubber bands. They hated to throw anything away. We did lose a little bit of this attitude as “the greatest generation” gave way to “the disposable generation” That is until the last few years as we have come to realize that maybe all those plastic “one-time-use” items weren’t such a good thing for the planet & where does all that “stuff” get “disposed” of anyway?

As a garden designer I am presented with numerous opportunities to recycle every day. One of my favorite thing to do is try to imagine new uses for old objects. Old wooden ladders (a staple for me) make terrific plant stands. Old brass or iron bed frames or headboards make fabulous, artful, trellises, fences or just simple art in the garden.

I found this old dresser, buffet table, in the trash. The lines of the piece & the wood itself were too wonderful to let it go. I washed it with an antique green stain & then sealed it to prevent water damage. I use the drawers for garden storage and am constantly re-arranging the pots on top as per the season. This would also make a great potting table.

Use your imagination. I bet you can come up with a whole new purpose for something around your house that’s just begging to be used! Sort of like JAMIE LYNN SPEARS who according to The National Enquirer is knocked up again!

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