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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


10 years ago last night, a 21 year old young man named MATTHEW SHEPHERD , was brutally & savagely beaten; tied to a fence & left for dead. His heart was stronger than that though & he actually didn’t die for 5 more days. Matthew’s slight body was so horrifically broken that the passing biker who found him thought he was a scarecrow at first. Officials determined that Matthew hung on that fence bleeding, exposed to the elements, & in a coma for 18 hours.

The two young thugs who murdered Matthew confessed that they wanted to teach him a lesson. That this is what happens to faggots. They are currently rotting in jail where they will remain for the rest of their lives.

Matthew lives on in drama & literature (most notably the play & later film; “The Laramie Project”) in the still broken hearts of his wonderful parents; who run the Matthew Shepherd Foundation; whose mission is to “replace hate with understanding, compassion & acceptance” And in the hearts of millions…especially boys like me.

Matthew Shepherd Foundation

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