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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Halloween Headquarters"

So The 99 Cents Store calls itself your Halloween Headquarters and they are soooooo right! You gotta check it out.

I love these Halloween Centerpieces. Everything came from the 99 Cents Store. The orange painted buckets that I trimmed with black & orange feather boas (soo cute) & filled with black artificial roses & twigs.
But leave the Halloween aisle because there’s plenty more to see. The large orange plastic goblets would be fun at a party & the smoked black glass compotes would be terrific too. I filled these with little orange “pincushion” plants all also at The 99 Cents Store

Elevate the lowly Pumpkin!! A simple pumpkin in anything raised will look so smashing & dramatic. Use your champagne buckets & urns. For the smaller ones use sugar bowls & eggcups! And don’t be lazy if you’re going to feature them, at least clean & polish them a little. Scrape the mud off & use a little mayo or olive oil on a paper towel & make those babies shine!

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