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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here Kitty, Kitty!

One of my favorite Halloween things to do with the kids…oh, wait, I don’t have kids. But if you do or you’re just a crafty queer with too much time on his hands this one is easy!
Take three of those small pumpkins. Not the minis they are too ridged. Use the small “Baking” or “Spice” ones & paint them a glossy black. Once dry attach them one the other with toothpicks or better yet, those wooden kabob skewers broken in half.

Paint eyes, nose, mouth with other acrylic paint or use buttons or beads & adhere with pins. Felt or construction paper for ears & a tail. I used these little feather boas & wrapped an arrange boa around her neck for a Halloween Tramp look!

This month don’t throw out your faded flowers or dead bouquets. They make for a spooky Haunted House theme. Roses & hydrangea work best but any flowers will do. Red roses particularly are great because when they are dead the red becomes black! Oooh scary!

A “scary” conversation I recalled today:

My sister visiting Los Angeles for the first time:

Sis: “Hmmm, I never realized that this was such a FRENCH town.”
Me: “uh…it’s not, what are you referring too?”
Sis: “all the store signs…everything thing is LA this & LA that!”
Me: “That’s L. A. as in Los Angeles!!!

She later expressed alarm that I had so many disabled kids in my neighborhood; due to a plethora of signs that read
SLOW! CHILDREN AT PLAY. I only wish I was kidding.

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