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Monday, November 27, 2006

"'Twas Beauty Killed The Beast"

Check out this photo I took today of a "praying mantis" inside a white rose. The picture quality isn't great becasue the wind kept causing the rose to sway; but the darn bug never moved all day. He's probably still in there tonight. I loved the creepy green contrast of the bug against the pure white beauty of the rose.

In a related story...PAMELA ANDERSON has filed for Divorce from singer, KID ROCK, after almost 5 months (!!!) of wedded bliss! If it seems just yesterday the duo was celebrating their love with 3 seperate Wedding Cermonies in 3 cities, that's because IT WAS!!

Disgraced comic MICHAEL RICHARDS, has begun his "APOLOGY 2006 TOUR" & attempted to begin "the healing" with an appearance on JESSE JACKSON's radio show. The Rev. Jackson has called for a boycott of the newly released SEINFELD:SEASON 7 DVD!
ummm... is it just me, or does it seem unlikely, that millions of African-Americans were going to line up to buy a DVD of arguably, the "whitest" sit-com ever?? And does any one lese remember the 1984 Pesidential Campaign where it was the Rev. Jackson himself who needed some "healing" after his slander of Jews & New York?
"Hymies in "Hymietown" ring a bell with anyone?? Jeeez!

"It was so warm in New York today, I was sweating like Michael Richards at The Apollo!" - DAVID LETTERMAN


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