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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Did you guys hear that scientists have come up with a "MALE PILL" An oral contraceptive that men can take to prevent pregnancy? There are several versions in the pipe-line but the most promising one seems to be a non-hormonal version that can be taken one hour before sex & stops ejaculation. Is this really a good idea? Knowing men (& I've known a few!) I don't know if we can be trusted to be the responsible ones in the realm of contraception. If we weren't in the habit of carrying around that same condom in our wallets that's been there since High School I don't know if we'd ever even contemplate pregnancy. Plus this new "pill" had better be available online because we men HATE going to the doctor! Now if it were for something important like, VIAGARA, well that's a different story...there's something in it for us!

JOHN LEGUIZAMO is scheduled to be MARTHA STEWART's guest today on MARTHA! I do hope he wears something more attractive than this white & green-striped track suit I spotted him wearing a few weeks ago at JFK when I was in New York.

"BOBBY" A BUST! EMILIO ESTEVEZ's new film about the assasination of BOBBY KENNEDY
faired very poorly at the box office this weekend. PAGE SIX called it a "Holiday Turkey" It grossed an anemic $4.9 Million over the four-day Holiday Weekend & has little chance of scaring up much interest over-seas. I still plan on seeing it, if only for the "camp" factor of seeing DEMI MOORE as an alcoholic chanteuse whose makeup artist is SHARON STONE!!!

Former Florida Congressman MARK FOLEY was spotted over the weekend at one of my favorite L.A. Eateries, DOUGHBOYS! I'm sure there's a joke here, but you know how reluctant I am to go for the easy laugh!


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