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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Isn't That "Thjis"?

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Congratulations to MATT & ANNETTE LAUER on the birth of their new baby boy!
Obviously Annette is getting back at Matt for his roving eye by bestowing the Dutch name,"THJIS" pronounced: "TICE" on the little tot. Good Luck in 6th Grade Master Lauer!

Check out this Youtube video of DANNY DEVITO's drunken appearance on THE VIEW!
Fresh from an all-nighter with GEORGE CLOONEY, the diminutive actor kept his promise to appear on the ABC daytime show. He then proceeded to do an impersonation of GEORGE W. BUSH that he kept right on doing despite BARBARA WALTER'S & The girls best efforts to move him along! Hysterical! This reminds me of why THE TONIGHT SHOW with JOHNNY CARSON or even THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW were so memorable....because the stars were usually at least half "in the bag" and you always had the feeling that virtually anything could happen! A far cry from the predictablity of the current TONIGHT SHOW with JAY LENO were the sadly sober stars show up for 5 minutes, show a clip or plug their book & then can't be bothered to "move down the couch" but have to leave early usually with a "Premiere" excuse! Boooriiingg!!

or How about this creepy picture from the TOMKAT Wedding??? That's Tom & NICOLE's son, CONNER & Tom's "BEST MAN" & head of Scientology, DAVID MISCAVAIGE. Check out Tom's "throne"...what a queen! Photo coutrtesy of CELEBITCHY

Another great BlogA SOCIALITE'S LIFE sums up recent event with the headline:

One of the delights of this holiday season is, of course, the FOOD! And imported specialty items only add to the festive atmosphere. And nothing says, "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus" like the yummy Italian fruitcake known as "Panettone" Purge all thoughts of that dense doorstop we Americans know as fruitcake. This light & airy, buttery, sweet (but not TOO sweet) cake, can be served as desert, a snack, or a scrumptious Christmas Morning Breakfast. And THEGAYGARDENER can get you an exclusive label WHOLESALE! Direct from Italy!! Email me & impress all your friends!

If you're Christmas shopping & in LOS ANGELES this weekend, please take part in DEVINE DESIGN. This is an amazing event where top designers donate their inventories to be sold at deep discounts (Everything is at least 50% off retail)& ALL profits are donated to PROJECT ANGELFOOD. Angelfood is the only free meal delivery service in Los Angeles County that delivers, hot, healthy, meals every day to those affected by HIV/AIDS. I guarantee you will save hundreds if not thousands of $$$ and be giving back to a very worthwhile charity. The event runs this weekend 11/30 - 12/04 @ 9900 Wilshire Blvd in BEVERLY HILLS (the old ROBINSON'S/MAY Department store!) Tickets are $25 For more information visit DEVINE DESIGN

"It looks like the PAMELA ANDERSON/KID ROCK Divorce is going to get seems they both want the TRAILER!"


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