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Friday, January 05, 2007

"The Donald Is A Dick!"

What the hell is up with Donald Trump? This relentless bullying of ROSIE O’DONNELL has to stop! He is looking like a first class misogynist. After buying the fabled MARJORIE MERRIWEATHER POST estate “Mar-A-Lago & turning it into a golf course, He tosses aside IVANA for MARLA then weds MELANIA (the first name of every MRS TRUMP MUST end in “aaahhh” according to contract) He FIRES CAROLYN KEPTCHER; his longtime employee & co-star on THE APPRENTICE, then hires his “marbles-in-her-mouth” pseudo-model daughter, IVANKA. After which, he picks a very nasty public feud with MARTHA STEWART & after that dies down, goes in for the kill with ROSIE who had the temerity to question his role as a moral arbitor & producer of The Miss USA Pageant; while jokingly mocking his “comb-over”, (which every self respecting comedian has made, pardon the expression, HAY, out of!). In the past 10 days he’s called RO so many awful names: FAT LOSER, DEGENRATE, PATHETIC, CRUDE DT is the original “Trust Fund Baby” who perhaps has an issue with woman who have made it on their own! Whatever the pathology, DT looks pathetic. AND he kept it up on the TODAY show this morning… even managing to look like a jerk while being interviewed by MEREDITH VIERA. Maybe the much commented on comb over has completely blocked the oxygen to his brain!

NOW that the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION has fined the makers of diet pills like CORTISLIM & TRIMSPA for making false & fraudulent claims, does this mean that ANNA NICOLE SMITH didn’t lose all that weight with TRIMSPA?? Are there any other kind of drugs that induce such dramatic weight loss that any one can thing of???


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