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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dishonesty, Devils & Turkeybasters, Oh My!

Shocked! I’m Shocked, I tell you. The recent press release that lovebirds JENNIFER ANNISTON & VINCE VAUGHN have called it quits comes as such a surprise. NOT! The only real thing that this faux relationship ever generated was lots of cash for the star’s P.R. people & millions of issues of PEOPLE MAGAZINE sold at news stands!

I think that the new WILL SMITH film looks really good & plan on seeing it… BUT, unless it’s somehow related to the story, why would the studio choose to incorrectly spell HAPPINESS?? As in THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS??!! This just sets a bad example for the kids!

Speaking of kids…MARY CHENEY, the lesbian daughter of V.P. DICK CHENEY has announced that she is pregnant! As CRAIG FERGUSON said regarding this story: “Don’t ask me, I’m not a doctor!”

AND speaking of the Devil (I did just mention DICK CHENEY, didn’t I?) Have you guys ever seen the original SATAN’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS?? Not the crappy re-make with SHANNON DOUGHERTY, but the Original M.O.W. starring soon to be CHARLIE’S ANGELS, KATE JACKSON & CHERYL LADD (acting her her real name CHERYL STOPLEMOORE) It actually holds up pretty well!

DREAMGIRLS: T-Minus 18 Days & Counting!!!!!!!!!


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