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Monday, December 04, 2006


So close on the heels of the shocking breakups of KID ROCK & PAMELA ANDERSON, BRITNEY & K-FED comes news of the speration of boy-band singer, LANCE BASS & his handsome boyfriend REICHEN WHATSHISNAME who allegedly won some reality TV Show contest some years back. This just proves that gay folks are just like everybody else, no matter how pretty the parties involved are this relationship stuff is difficult. Word is that Lance's friends are relieved that he has shed the bossy, older, never-met-a-camera-he-didn't-like, Reich!!

Did you see the fiasco that was JESSICA SIMPSON's Performance at THE KENNEDY CENTER honors? Jess was there to pay tribute to honoree, DOLLY PARTON, with a performance of Dolly's hit "9 to 5". There must have been a threatening wardrobe malfunction because Jess held up the top of her dress the entire performance. She sounded awful, read the lyrics from a teleprompter! (Christ! I even remember the ain't SONDHEIM) and then apologized profusely to Dolly afterwards. You could hear crickets as she exited the D.C. stage!

TheGayGardener extends his deepest sympathies to GEORGE CLOONEY who lost his beloved pet pot-bellied pig, "Max" yesterday. Little Max shared Clooney's life for the past 18 years! Some pigs have all the luck!

White-hot guerilla artist, BANKSY, has captured all the creepiness of MICHAEL JACKSON with this new work. The painting is a take off on the legend of HANSEL & GRETEL & depicts the gloved one offering a candy cane to two kids from the doorway of his wooded cottage. A picture IS worth a thousand words!


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