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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Little Christmas

Today is officially The Feast of The Epiphany. Also known as “Little Christmas” When the Magi finally showed up which we have already discussed. This day marks the formal end of the Christmas Season NOT the 75% MARKDOWN at BLOOMINGDALE’s as is popularly believed.

This past Christmas we were fortunate enough to once again be hosted by our delicious friend the producer/designer; KEITH KNOPF at his home-away-from-home in the Hollywood Hills. As many of our guests were of Italian extraction we chose to call this BUON NATALE 2008. What a lovely time we had. Of course the food was AMAZING which goes without saying. But the company was more a gift than anything else. And for the Second year in a row a surprise appearance by BUDDY THE ELF

I am so lucky to be part of this beautiful, interesting, talented, family-of-our-own-making. That even if none of them could actually cook I’d still choose them & we’d just order pizza.

Christmas never really ends for TheGayGardener; and I hope it never ends for you either!


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