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Monday, January 05, 2009

Felize 2009

Well that’s what they say in BRAZIL anyway. And that is where I was lucky enough to spend Christmas Day through New Year’s. A lovely place. We didn’t do RIO or SAO PAULO or any of the known big places. “dark & tan & young & lovely the girl from IPENEMA goes walking & when she passes eanc one she passes goes ahhhhhh…” those kind of places.

Instead we went to a beach resort called RECIFE & then on to a place called, Porto de Galinhas, which is a very sweet way of saying PORT OF THE CHICKENS. And they aren’t kidding! I saw dozens of trucks carrying so many chickens that I became a vegetarian for the week. But honestly the FOOD is enough reason for any one to go to BRAZIL!! I think I gained 10 lbs in the past 8 days!!

Did you ever have the kind of vacation where you did absolutely nothing & it all felt something like a DREAM?? Then this one was it for me. Breakfast, beach, chair, ocean, chair, ocean, chair, shower, dinner, bed! For SEVEN DAYS!!! And man I needed it!

If you go to Brazil you’d better bone up on your Portugeuse! They do NOT speak ENGLISH, nor SPANISH, nor ITALIAN. God Bless em. But I must say my CHARADES skills have improved considerably!

No one & I mean no one does NEW YEARS’S EVE like BRAZIL. For minimal additional costs (US $50) we were treated to a NYE Extravaganza like I have never seen before. The day of the whole resort was covered in white fabric. The tabletops, the landscaping, the awnings, & white flags flying hither & yon. Dinner was at 8:00. And all of the guests (99% Brazilians) arrived wearing all white which is easy for them as its Summer! An endless open buffet was provided (the English word is : Yummy!!!) At 10 the festivities began in earnest. Dozens of women & men in brightly colored sequined garb began dancing accompanied by drums & horns & brass. Near midnight the dancing reached a fever-pitch & we were lead to a table where the staff was poring champagne like water. Then on to the beach which had been lit by hundreds of fire pots up & down the coast. We were given white flowers to toss into the Atlantic at Midnight & make a wish for the New Year. And then the skies EXPLODED with fireworks from our beach & as far as the eye could see!! STUNNING.
After this I cannot imagine spending New Years ANYWHERE else but BRAZIL!

Happy New Year to all of you & thanks for making 2008 such a great year for TheGaygardener.,

Sweet Peas & peace & a great 2009 to all of you!!

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